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Improve Your Fluency

Learn English from a TEFL-certified Native Speaker

Why ABCommunication

Are you ready to study abroad?

          Every year, more than one million international students chose to attend college and graduate schools in the United States, including 360,000 Chinese students. In order to apply to these higher educational institutions, international students spend countless hours studying and preparing for the SAT or ACT. While the SAT and ACT ensure students are proficient in reading and writing, they do not test speaking or listening. 


          This means, on average, international students focus more on reading and writing while neglecting their communication abilities. And overall, English language learners tend to be weakest in speaking. This becomes a problem if a student’s ultimate goal is to live and learn in the United States but finds themselves unable to fluently and/or confidently communicate with Americans. 


          ABCommunication seeks to close the gap between a student’s comprehension abilities (reading and writing) and communication abilities. Before moving across the world to an English-speaking country, we strongly recommend considering speaking lessons to familiarize yourself with the way native speakers talk (and how it differs from textbook language) to increase listening comprehension and gain confidence in responding to conversation. 

Frequently Asked Questions:

Is ABCommunication certified to teach English?
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Do you teach reading, writing, speaking, and listening? 

No. We believe that reading and writing are already widely taught and emphasized at other institutions. Instead, ABCommunication specializes in providing authentic communication skills—that is, speaking and listening.

Why should students choose ABCommuncation?

All lessons and services offered by ABCommunication will be provided by our founder, Stephanie Wang. Stephanie Wang is a 18 year-old, American-Born-Chinese, native English speaker based in Chicago. We believe that each of those three traits bring special advantages to an English language learning company that cannot be found elsewhere. 


18 year-old: Your tutor will be around the same age as you! As a student herself, Stephanie understands the difficulties of learning a new language and actively attempts to establish a comfortable and conversational atmosphere. She is able to relate to the stresses of being a student and similarly experiences your anxieties in the college application process. Unlike with adult tutors, there is no need to be formal, awkward, or shy! 


Being a teenager also enables Stephanie to teach authentically: learn to understand and speak like real students in America instead of a textbook! Beyond syntax and pronunciation, Stephanie also teaches jargon/slang, pop culture, and how to make friends with other students. 


Finally, Stephanie’s schedule as a student allows unparalleled flexibility in scheduling. She would be happy to accommodate you and plan lessons at times that are convenient for you, even if they are not listed on Appointlet. 


Native English Speaker: Unfortunately, many foreign English learners do not get an opportunity to learn from native English speakers. This means that students are susceptible to learning and repeating incorrect pronunciation and tone. Additionally, English teachers will often speak slower or simpler to accommodate their students. 


Choosing ABCommunication means the chance to truly practice English. Stephanie makes sure that students are accustomed to listening and learning English at a native speed and with correct tones and pronunciations, ensuring that students are prepared to live in an English-speaking country. 


American-Born-Chinese (ABC): Stephanie is proudly an American-Born-Chinese, or ABC. This means that she was raised to first-generation Chinese immigrant parents but exclusively attended school in the United States. Being an ABC gifts Stephanie with benefits that a fully American and/or monolingual tutor cannot provide, including: 


  • Being conversationally fluent in Mandarin Chinese: Stephanie has the ability to supplement hard translations and answer questions using Chinese. 

  • Understanding Chinese culture: By having Chinese parents and frequently visiting China, Stephanie understands the unspoken elements of Chinese culture, especially toward academic culture. 

Are you certified to teach English?

Yes! In addition to being a native speaker and United States citizen, I (Stephanie Wang) am certified to teach English as a foreign language through MyTEFL’s 120 hour Professional program. You can find my certificate and a letter of recommendation on the About page.

Are lessons completely in English?

Ideally, yes. Depending on the level of the student, lessons can consist of up to 10% Chinese. While it might be frightening or difficult at first, most students should expect to be taught in 100% English as it is the best and fastest way to improve. Lessons are a judgement-free space and we aim to provide a warm and supportive experience.

Are you fluent in Chinese/Mandarin?

No. My Chinese reading and writing skills are limited; however, I am conversationally fluent in speaking and listening. Therefore, if you have any questions or do not understand a certain word or phrase during a lesson, I will be able to translate or incorporate Chinese to aid understanding.

Will this prepare me for the TOEFL or SAT?

Yes and no, respectively. Speaking lessons can improve your TOEFL speaking section score but will likely not impact your SAT performance. ABCommunication offers special lessons in its Premium Lesson Series package that includes practicing TOEFL speaking prompts; however, we offer no guarantee of improvement. ABCommunication is not aimed at test preparation.

What is the refund policy?

ABCommunication employs a 100% money-back guarantee to any customers that are unsatisfied with our service.* Refunds can be requested at any point before the completion of a lesson series or contract. 


*Must have completed a free consultation prior to beginning services.

I can’t afford to pay for English tutoring...what can I do?

ABCommunication is dedicated to the right of education for all. If you (or anyone you know) are interested in learning English but are unable to pay, please email to arrange free lessons

Can I request more information in 中文?

Yes! Please email your questions at

Can I requestion more information in Mandarin?
What is the refund policy?

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