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is not just a tutoring business...

Beyond Traditional Payment

ABCommunication offers the opportunity to engage in a language exchange to every student. Tutoring lessons are expensive and a luxury not every student can afford. At ABCommunication, we recognize this inequality and want to extend our services for free towards those that, traditionally, may not have access to private English lessons. 

Language Exchange

 A language exchange means sharing your language with your tutor in an open-ended discussion that lasts for a time equal to the service chosen. For example, if a student choses the premium series package, they will receive hour-long, weekly English lessons for 8 weeks. In exchange, they will be asked to speak in Mandarin for hour-long, weekly discussions during those 8 weeks.


These discussions are not pre-planned, instructive, or evaluated for quality in any way. Instead, it is simply an opportunity for your tutor to practice their Mandarin. Think of these discussions as a natural conversation between pen-pals or friends. Any student, regardless of financial status, can choose to partake in a language exchange instead of paying compensation for any ABCommunication service. No requirements or expectations are imposed for a language exchange, although we appreciate patience and a friendly attitude. Additional details regarding the language exchange will be provided during the initial consultation and terms can be negotiated. 

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