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Services & Pricing

Series are pre-selected bundles of lessons, each an hour long, designed to cover the most important aspects of practical English. 

Basic Series

 5 Lessons – $57

Includes the following essential lessons: 

  • Making Friends

  • High School and College

  • Food, Dining, and Restaurants 

  • Travel and Vacation 

  • American Culture

Weekly Discussion


30-minute open-ended discussions, once per week.

Premium Series

8 Lessons – $86

Includes all lessons in the basic series + 3 lessons of your choice: 

  • TOEFL Speaking Practice

  • American Government/Politics

  • American History 

  • Sports 

  • Music 

  • Philosophical Questions 

  • Other (Requests accepted)

Bi-Weekly Discussion


30-minute open-ended discussions, twice per week.

*All lesson packages include unlimited text/email for quick English questions regarding grammar, culture, experience, homework, experience, home, essays, etc.